Tank Universe

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Five Season 9 Posts without #oob in the Title

1. Light Stage 5

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Woob 1111 Teaser II

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Amazing visuals in this great short film by Maxim Zhestkov.

Full Screen HD highly recommended.

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Some great glitchy visuals from Amoeba

Stereo Briefcase

More info at RetroThing also a picture of it in action Here



ISO50 has a series of Jamie Beck Cinemagraphs on his blog. To see one in action click on the image above or head over to ISO50

Ghetto blaster

Back in 1985 the Sharp Mr-990 (Gr-990) had to be the ultimate Ghetto blaster with its unique pull out music composer. One recently went on eBay for just £32! and with that aux in even today it would still be a great alternative for checking mixes from another perspective. For years my own set-up consisted of a just a 1.4 second sampler and 4-track fed into a Boombox though sadly that particular aux in has long since passed away.