Woob – Tokyo Run

Set in the future this is an intense, often disjointed realtime computer simulation of one individuals attempt to access the ‘Mainframe’.

This micro-length animation is a companion piece to the forthcoming short Return to the City. Although the two story-lines are self-contained both films form a part of the Paradigm Flux universe and lay down the foundations for the main story. [Read more…]

If the future is gone, what past is expecting us?…

…asks the New York CityVision competition. [via]

Image- second prize  E. Pieraccioli – C. Granato

Energy Field

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This Field of LED Bamboo created for the 2012 World Expo in Korea is definitely something I would like to incorporate into my own workspace. The 59 feet tall blades sway in the wind and when someone walks through them they react  – as seen in the video below.

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Max and Harvey – Space Therapy [Woob Remixes] Artwork Winners

I finally got around to randomly picking the winners from this post. [Read more…]

Max and Harvey – Space Therapy [Woob Remixes] OUT NOW. Comment to win Exclusive Limited Edition Cover Art Print

Your therapy session has begun with some very different Woob remixes of previously unreleased Max & Harvey track:  Space Therapy.

A variety of therapy is available from Hollywood Style to Experimental Disaster therapy, the original Max & Harvey Self-Help therapy is also included. Your 35 minute Session is free to begin (£3 to take away) at the Emporium. LINK

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Rare Emit – Gas 0095 Cassette Promo

I was searching the Season 9 cassette archives for some old Woob stuff when I happened upon this Emit Gas 0095 preview cassette.  Produced in very Limited numbers there was one for every Emit release and they were used as advance promotional copies. I used to own a Woob one but couldn’t find it – probably gave it away! [Read more…]

Deep Sea Diver

Image source unknown

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Adventure Series Deconstructed

Photographer Dave Hill deconstructs his Adventure Series Photoshop work using After Effects with amazing results.

Loch Ness

Monster? VIA