Woob – 新 プログラム + スリープ 研究 プログラム Vinyl Campaign Begins Today.

The KIMURA-AOKI 研究所 Institute invites you to pledge for 新 プログラム [New Program] + スリープ 研究 プログラム [Sleep Research Program] On Vinyl

Both Albums in one Deluxe Gatefold Package + Colour Vinyl

The 5th (potential) Isometric vinyl release arrives as two album in one campaign.

The albums are limited to pre-orders only and will not be for sale after campaign is complete.

All tracks from both albums are included with edits on 3 tracks to fit everything on.

Pledge tiers will include a new limited amount of KIMURA-AOKI 研究所 Lifetime Memberships (See above image)

Theres also Test Pressings and Program Etching options.

The Personnel 注目 tier includes a new experimental Program. (not available anywhere else) + a signed 21×15 cm glossy print of a custom illustration incorporating woob 新 プログラム, Tokyo Run, Lost Metropolis etc that Kai and myself have been working on for years! and will only be unveiled if the campaign succeeds.

Given the nature of how vinyl campaigns on Bandcamp work i.e it doesn’t count towards the Bandcamp Discover homepage charts I would really appreciate those who pledge (and those who don’t) to take a moment to download a copy of the digital release so that it does count – both albums will be free to download for the course of the campaign. If you already own them download for a friend or as a backup:)

Finally, to help with the added expense of the gatefold there’s one final tier that includes a number of amazing items including a very special custom one off 5th Side! – also includes a very special price:-o – See the campaign page for more info

Campaign begins at around 5:30 (UK Time) here – https://woob.bandcamp.com/campaign/-


  1. UPDATE 9th Dec – Campaign was a Success! Thanks everyone for your support can’t wait for this one!

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