Woob – The 00 Collection

This is a project I have been trying to get started for years – 1001-9009 is a collection of nine experimental album releases, the first 3 are out now on Em:tted ;)

To keep this collection together it’s on its own bandcamp page so make sure you sign up for notifications for the next release. https://w00b.bandcamp.com/



  1. Plongitudes says:

    I love the cover art for all three of these so much. 2002 stands out, but I love them all about the same, they’re awesome. Props to the artist(s?).

    Great music, as always. I’ve had these 3 on regular rotation for a while. <3

    • season9 says:

      Thanks! the idea was to use stock art like the original 90’s em:t albums but for 2002 thought I would try some of my own art… so its nice you singled that one out.

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