Woob – Tokyo Substrate Paradox – S-Side Remastered for Streaming Plus New Artwork


One of my personal faves the S Side from last years Tokyo Substrate Paradox now has its own release for Streaming / Digital. The tracks have been remastered to help with playlist volume levels and are now individual tracks rather than one continuous mix. There’s also some stellar new artwork from Kai Arc based on the Tokyo Run Japanese import clicker prints.

Track titles are now all in English to appease the streaming overlords.

Available on Spotify, Apple music and most other stores from Today.


  1. demux4555 says:

    Hi there! I keep hearing C64 SID sounds in your music, and really I love that as I grew up with the C64 and have a lot of good memories from the games and demos of that time period. I see some “C64” tags here and there, but I’m wondering how much more C64 stuff there is in your music in overall. Could you provide us with some more details on your SID usage, please? Is it hardware, or is it software emulated? And finally, do you have any photos of your studio?

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