Woob – 新 プログラム Gets Isometric Anniversary Digital Release + Streaming Version Coming Soon…

Woob –  新 プログラム (New Program) originally brought to you in conjunction with the KIMURA -AOKI 研究所 Institute was only available for a limited time due to the experimental nature of the programs but after many months of negotiation KIMURA -AOKI have agreed on a hopefully more permanent Isometric release.

An uncompressed download version is available today just in time for the one year anniversary. A slightly different streaming / compressed version will follow later.

Isometric have managed to secure this deal on two conditions  The first being that the KIMURA -AOKI 研究所 Institute have the right to pull the programs at any time. The second, that no one ask about スリープ 研究 プログラム.

KIMURA -AOKI 研究所 Institute. Offering re-programming for citizens through sound since 2084. Please enter your assigned program chamber to begin. お手伝いします


  1. Martin Ward says:

    I’m getting confused now, so the Omou 3 single on iTunes is different or the same as already purchased, or is it different from the slightly different version following later?

    • season9 says:

      Its the same just written differently. Some track titles need to have certain adjustments for some stores.

      • season9 says:

        Also Yoku Yatta is now written よく やった on streaming and is an Instrumental version as I like the option of both:) all other tracks the same with just title adjustments where necessary

  2. season9 says:

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