Woob – スリープ 研究 プログラム


As part of your continued re-programming KIMURA-AOKI  研究所 (Tokyo division) presents a new batch of programs – this time in the field of Sleep research.

スリープ 研究 プログラム (Sleep Research Program) includes over 50 Minutes of brand new material designed to aid in your re-programming through sound. These programs are compatible with citizens Level F or above and are available for 90 days.

cover research

Available as a digital download later this week for those with or without a Kimura-Aoki  研究所 access card.

If you missed the first release before it was removed there will be another chance. Futher KIMURA-AOKI  研究所 Access cards will be made available on the スリープ 研究 プログラム download page (+ a handful of Magnetic Ribbons of original programs)

There will also be a 24-bit download option for upgrading all access cards with the new sleep research programs.

Kimura-Aoki  研究所 thanks you 感謝 for your time.



    THANKS !

  2. These releases don’t make it easier for me to keep track of what I have or don’t have.
    It seems the safest way is to buy digital.

    • Yeah it’s a little confusing this time but didn’t want everyone to have to buy another access card when ther originals had extra space available for this release.

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