Season 9 Album of the Month – September – Deadly Avenger – The Girl with the White Orchid

New album of month series! I have been meaning to post this since August so I am backdating this one to September. Every month I will post an album that has been getting played a lot around here, doesn’t have to be a new release and hopefully you will share your own fav’s in the comments.

About this album…

A great chill, synth soundtrack album released on Lakeshore Records from, (for me) a recently re-discovered artist who’s almost as long in the tooth as I am!  Damon Baxtor effortlessly draws on that whole retro modern soundtrack vibe with a really light touch, forming a sublime, albeit short path towards a luscious synth wave. With an uncredited cover that’s probably one of my favourites ever. The only jarring point in the whole album arrives with the last track when you are pulled from your blissful state of mind into one of Nick Rhodes signature melodies!



  1. I’ve been playing the new Orbital album ‘Monsters Exist’ a lot this past month.

  2. Martin Ward says:
  3. Hello !

    Here is a video inspired by the track Tender Fury,
    musical composition of the album the Girl with the White Orchid.

    A video realised just for fun.

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