Tokyo Run – Zoetrope Vinyl – Final Edition, New Alternate Artwork and Novak Keycard



The final edition of Tokyo Run zoetrope vinyl is almost here, along with new alternate digital artwork by the amazing Kai Arc (now included with the digital version and available to download above).

There’s also two print variations on oversized (A5) glossy artcards available as part of the release plus a new ‘Clicker’ vinyl sleeve label for the bandcamp version and Japanese Import labels for the HQ version which will include both print variations as opposed to one on bandcamp.


Also a Cyberpunk bundle limited to 5 will include the original artwork print and a few bonus extra’s including the only signed alternate art artcard. (exclusive to Woob HQ).

Also due to popular demand the Novak Survellience keycard returns in a very limited edition of 20 including ‘Clicker’ Artwork Sticker. Keycard contents are identical to the original they include an ambient mix version of the album , 24bit masters and exclusive Epilogue – Schematics Pt.2.

ZOE final edKEYCARD BC 2

before all this happens there’s a one off hybrid edition vinyl available today at 7pm UK time, see twitter for more info. (Hybrid is gone.)

Links for Final edition for when they go live this Thursday 26th July shortly after 9:30pm (UK Time)

WoobHQ – Final Edition Vinyl Japanese Import / Cyberpunk Bundle

Woob Bandcamp  – Final Edition Vinyl / Keycard Final Edition


  1. Sylvain Martel says:

    Hi! On Bandcamp it says that all copies of the Tokyo Run Zoetrope vinyl are sold out, but from this page I was able to add it to my cart and almost complete checkout (I stopped before redirecting to Paypal) :
    How come? Is it really sold out or are there still copies available? Thanks!

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