Season 9 – Best of E3 2018


Best Game – Stormland (Insomniac)

An easy choice, Insomniac are at the forefront of VR gaming and Stormland re-enforces that fact.

The Tempest shattered your android body. Now you must journey through an ever-changing cloudscape to augment yourself and save your friends. Explore an expansive world with complete freedom—bound up cliffs, glide across chasms, and fly through the slipstream with velocity. Detonate explosives, harness electricity, and wield makeshift weapons to overcome titanium sentries and monolithic guardians. Play single-player, or explore forgotten ruins together.

It’s time to reclaim your world.

Must also mention Defector (Twisted Pixel) announced a few months ago but now playable at E3 this game looks like all kinds of fun.




Best Indie Game – Space Pirate Trainer (I-illusions)

Already out on PC and  but it’s newly announced to PSVR this E3 and has new modes etc Incredible fun being inside a giant Galaxian cabinet.


Best Flat Game – Cyberpunk 2077

The trailer makes it look like a GTA future but gameplay reports make it sound like Deus Ex which is a good sign for VR support down the line.


Best Indi Flat Game – Sable

Great Moebius style art direction.



Biggest Disappointment – Microsoft

Microsoft Flat/retro gaming only stance see previous article




Biggest Suprise…

Death Stranding introduces the Bionic Woman! And then there was an interview with her after the show.



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