Woob – 新 プログラム : New Album out June 1st

UPDATE – It’s Out!


Around 1 am UK time to be precise.

woob – 新 プログラム  [new_program] is a Time Limited release with a difference, there are physical artefacts … expect ancient technology (above) and stuff from the future.

This album is brought got you in conjunction with the KIMURA -AOKI 研究所 Institute. Offering re-programming for citizens through sound since 2084. Please enter your assigned program chamber to begin. お手伝いします

Please bring your translation implant if necessary.


  1. Justin says:

    So, only physical release? Will it be digital also?

  2. Martin Ward says:

    I’m confused, is there going to be a digital version from 1am, hope so, otherwise it’s goodnight from me tonight ;)

  3. season9 says:


    • Martin Ward says:

      Cool, just didn’t want to keep these pins under my eyelids all night…

      • season9 says:

        It’s the perfect album to sleep to so should be worth staying up for:)

      • Justin says:

        Ambient love lines so far. Happy I stayed up to get this. Even though I watched the remake of Evil Dead while waiting so now I feel a little queasy. But in a good way.

    • season9 says:


  4. Martin Ward says:

    You have my full attention then :)

  5. NX4.4 says:

    Bought and bought, can’t wait to listen.

  6. Martin Ward says:

    Sounds very nice Paul, looking forward to a full listen, good luck & thank you :)

  7. Dogglesnoffer says:

    Future/past assimilation complete🤘🤪

    What is the limitation of the editions at WOOB HQ?

  8. Paul Cole says:

    This was fate. I arrived home in the early hours after wallpapering for seven hours and got the Bandcamp alert.

    I still have an early magnetic ribbon player…

    Stunning, as ever.

    Thank you.

  9. Really liking this…a lot. At times it reminds me a bit of Boards Of Canada and Vangelis’ Blade Runner score at other times but of course it’s pure Woob through and through. I’m curious if the “Unicorn Dream” in the title of #8 is a Blade Runner reference.

    • season9 says:

      Thanks Mike, Unicorn Dream yes but only in title, the audio ref is in Yoku Yatta. I was trying to write an album without any Bladerunner references but failed yet again:)

      • Awesome hahaha. I definitely wouldn’t call it a failure. I love it and keep listening over and over. Cheers!!

  10. Wow what a journey. A cyberpunk mind retreat, where you can correct your stressed out brain by hopping into one of the dream pods after work, for quick relaxation program, but it goes a bit glitchy wrong for a while.. coincidence or..?

  11. So no ‘digital only’ for sale :(
    I guess this is the first release of your’s I’ve ever missed out on, Paul.
    Well, cheers, from what I got to hear of it it sounds like you are back to your roots. I really don’t know how I missed this… Extremely limited anyway I guess.

  12. Have been looking for a way to get a hold of this amazing album with no luck, it’s infuriating!! Was there a digital release as well?

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