Tokyo Run – Vinyl LP Full Details – Shipping Forecast


Earlier this month I received the Tokyo Run Test Pressing and its sounding excellent. The vinyl mastered tracks now playing off actual vinyl have a different sound to those of the digital version. 79 Million Adversaries in particular stands out.

Exclusive vinyl track Fallen is also sounding great, it’s a shame there wasn’t room for ‘Run Complete’ too! However side B was always a bit too long and to keep volume up and noise levels down I already had to introduce some subtle editing to Sub. District and M. Corridor by cutting their extended fades.

The Test Pressing actually came as a blank picture disc which I wasn’t expecting (as seen in the quick snap below). So if you ordered the Isometric version you are now getting something even more unique! They also have cases /sleeves and are dated DEC but didn’t get shipped to me until January as the pressing plant closes over Xmas.


Due to the combined factor of a number of small delays Shipping forecast is later than originally planned and I am told they should be with me towards end of March but with vinyl nothing is set in stone, I am however assured this is a safe bet:)

Also I paid extra for over/under production as not to be left with zero product when pre-orders have shipped, so there might be a few left over for sale if you missed out…. but I won’t know for sure until they arrive.

mainframe detail b



  1. R. Daneel says:

    This LP will probably the most impressive one in my collection, this is what the future should be about :)

  2. justin gilbert says:


    Any news on further ambient releases for an old duffer like me who’s too old to dance to the faster stuff?

    Also, might have been the cheese talking but did I read last year that you were planning some live event(s)? Did I miss it? Are these still on the cards?

    Thanks a lot!



    • I keep starting beat-less albums but they end up becoming tracks on other albums…. but I’ll keep trying:)

      I’ve not had time for live idea I had but I do get invited to perform now and again and hopefully will have time to say yes at some point!

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