Tokyo Run – Vinyl LP Full Details – Shipping Forecast



Cyberpunk bundles all shipped, all other vinyl packed ready to ship in next few days

Please remember any sleeve labels are supplied unfixed so be careful not to accidentally throw them away!:)

Some keycards shipped, the rest next week.

(Note to self… never time shipping for August!)


Final edition shipping has begun! Most HQ versions have shipped- the rest next week.



All bandcamp Japanese Import now shipped / Most HQ Edition Import shipped or ready to.


All mainframe /regular now shipped plus most Japanese Import.

HQ Editions last as almost forgot to sign labels ! currrently waiting for them to dry.

Also a reminder…. any sleeve labels are supplied unfixed to avoid any potential damage in transit so be careful not to accidentally throw them away.



All singular Mainframe Edition and regular edition have now been shipped or are packed and shipping soon (bar around 5 or 6 copies).  Japanese import and Woob HQ version next! Thanks again for your continued patience and support.


Rejoice! the vinyl has landed and they are looking good (see below). Shipping will begin this week please bear with me as there are a lot of orders to get through and it’s going to take a few weeks.

Looks like there will be some left over if you missed out but pre-orders are a priority for now so these will made available at a later date. Keep checking back for more updates and thank you for your continued patience and support.

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Earlier this month I received the Tokyo Run Test Pressing and its sounding excellent. The vinyl mastered tracks now playing off actual vinyl have a different sound to those of the digital version. 79 Million Adversaries in particular stands out.

Exclusive vinyl track Fallen is also sounding great, it’s a shame there wasn’t room for ‘Run Complete’ too! However side B was always a bit too long and to keep volume up and noise levels down I already had to introduce some subtle editing to Sub. District and M. Corridor by cutting their extended fades.

The Test Pressing actually came as a blank picture disc which I wasn’t expecting (as seen in the quick snap below). So if you ordered the Isometric version you are now getting something even more unique! They also have cases /sleeves and are dated DEC but didn’t get shipped to me until January as the pressing plant closes over Xmas.


Due to the combined factor of a number of small delays Shipping forecast is later than originally planned and I am told they should be with me towards end of March but with vinyl nothing is set in stone, I am however assured this is a safe bet:)

Also I paid extra for over/under production as not to be left with zero product when pre-orders have shipped, so there might be a few left over for sale if you missed out…. but I won’t know for sure until they arrive.

mainframe detail b


  1. R. Daneel says:

    This LP will probably the most impressive one in my collection, this is what the future should be about :)

    • thanks RD!

      • R. Daneel says:

        Also, I really truly really hope there will be some extended mix of ラン in the future. Been having that track on repeat for a while now. One can dream, right? :)

  2. justin gilbert says:


    Any news on further ambient releases for an old duffer like me who’s too old to dance to the faster stuff?

    Also, might have been the cheese talking but did I read last year that you were planning some live event(s)? Did I miss it? Are these still on the cards?

    Thanks a lot!



    • I keep starting beat-less albums but they end up becoming tracks on other albums…. but I’ll keep trying:)

      I’ve not had time for live idea I had but I do get invited to perform now and again and hopefully will have time to say yes at some point!

  3. Brice M. Spencer says:

    any more news on the vinyl releases? can’t wait! :)

  4. Brice M. Spencer says:

    yes! thanks for being awesome.

  5. Got mine a few days ago, it’s awesome! Well worth the wait, and the mastering is excellent (:
    It seems although I ordered the Mainframe edition I didn’t get the artcard or label with it. Think I can email you and get those sent?

    • season9 says:

      seems odd as they were done separately, email with details and i’ll see what’s going on.

  6. season9 says:

    new update added

  7. Great news, I’m looking forward to holding that impressive Vinyl in my hands!

  8. season9 says:

    3rd update added

  9. Hey did u send out ant tracking info for the Japanese import? I am afraid it didn’t arrive!

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