Intervision MXV will include Prologue for New Woob Cyberpunk Album

Intervision MXV – Hard Copy No.4 in the Woob collectors series which includes 24 bit masters of the Time Limited version of Intervision 1015 and MXV is to receive some exclusive bonus content.

First up ‘ Schematics’ is a Prologue for forthcoming Woob album codename ‘WAKV’ out later this year.   There will also be a 24 bit remaster of UNKNOWN QUANTITY the track that kickstarted the Woob reboot.

Intervision MXV will be available as Upgrade and SE Editions in April.


  1. ________$$$$

  2. Hi Paul,
    It’s been a while, hope all is well

    Always great to hear of new woob projects, looking forward :)

    But please can we get all these tracks hard copy tracks as downloads, I always support the artists I like but my ‘buy all/collect everything’ days are long gone now, but I will and always have brought all of your download releases, and greatly enjoyed them all as well

    Any release dates yet?

    Best regards

    • season9 says:

      These exclusive tracks are an extra Thankyou to those who choose to additionally support woob through buying a hard-copy. Hard Copy was designed to give a physical release for every album and help support future albums… so it wouldn’t really make sense to release the tracks digitally.


  1. […] The videos include edited clips of 3 tracks. An ambient ‘Prologue’ will be included on the forthcoming Intervision MXV […]

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