Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Deluxe Version) Out Now

Journeyman is back!:)

Also Red Scanline artwork Hard Copy limited to 25 total and Blue Skyline Hard Copy for fans of the Original colour scheme. Both include exclusive remastered 24 bit Continuous Mix of the Original ‘Time Paradox’ album (Paradox I-VII)

This Deluxe Edition of the best selling Album in the ‘Have Landed’ Trilogy – Includes the original album along with remastered versions of ‘Paradox III-V’. Brand new material includes a a ‘Journeyman’ rework of Finishing Move + a sequel to Horizon Vector/s.

iTunes, Amazon to follow…


  1. Michael Ward says:

    Ordered the Red SE….so psyched!

  2. Brennan Pettie says:

    Red Purchased! TASTY TREATS!!!!!!!

  3. So the Red se is less limited than the Blue se but more expensive?
    Tricky one.

  4. scab boy says:


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