Woob – ULTRASCOPE Deluxe Version and Hard Copy

CD COVER 4.2 copy

With ULTRASCOPE next in line for the Hard Copy treatment I thought it was about time I uploaded a version of the album to iTunes. However as it has been so long it made more sense to make a deluxe edition/version with some Time Paradox bonus tracks…. but then that just seemed so boring and I’ve been wanting to do a Pt.2 Horizon Vector/s / Paradox II for a while now so there will  be some new material along with a Journeyman Re-work of ‘Finishing Move’ that could turn out to be that trip-hop synthwave hybrid you never knew you wanted until you heard it! Only time will tell on that front but in the meantime check out the scan lined crimson sky Deluxe Edition artwork.

The 24-bit Hard Copy  will also include the complete Time Paradox album available for the first time as a Hard Copy + ULTRASCOPE Deluxe Version.

Also if you already have the album don’t worry you will be able to buy any new digital  material separately.


  1. Justin says:

    Sounds ace. Any idea on when it’ll be out?

  2. WATSON says:


  3. Can’t wait for these bonus tracks. Ultrascope is one of my favorite albums of yours. Also new Journeyman!!!

  4. So are we going to finally see the return of ‘Journeyman’ :)
    The new tracks sound interesting, can’t wait…
    Also, if you haven’t checked his material out ‘Off Land’ (Message Above) has been producing some pretty gorgeous Ambient works of late, and I would look forward to an ‘Off Land’ ‘Woob’ remix, that would be a wee bit special in my honest opinion

    • Thanks Mr. Ward! You are very kind. I’m always up for remixing something of yours Paul. Just send over some stems! ;-)

      On the topic of Journeyman, I always felt that Have Landed was just as much a Journeyman album as it was Woob / Max & Harvey. I mean Spine is basically a new version of Spy.

  5. That Journeyman remix is amazing. As is Scanlines.

    Question: Is that a 10 minute version of Paradox V or is it a remaster of Paradox VI? If it is a 10 minute version of Paradox V, you should call it ‘deluxe’ as you’d be selling the track short considering it’s seven minute longer! :)

  6. The Journeyman remix is indeed pretty special, I wasn’t as keen on Paradox, but these new remasters/extended versions are impressive :)

    I’ve just put out a new update, with your Bandcamp link, and also Offland’s, hopefully you’ll get a few extra visits

    time to listen to this release fully now, great stuff Paul

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