Woob – Interview on NeonVice

There’s a mini interview at the awesome NeonVice with talk on Death by Coin-op, production insights and more. Neonvice is a great resource for new music and artist interviews – so head over there now and get the skinny!  LINK



  1. Thanks for the interview. Engaging. I’m confused about titles. Adaption has the tracks Adaption and Stay Hidden, as Adaption part II; Death by Coin Op has It Begins as Adaption part III. The way I read the interview and other posts here, it seems that there’s an album that was Adaption part II. I have all the releases so I haven’t missed out… but is it just about the songs – Part i and Part ii are on Adaption and Part iii is on Death by Coin Op?

    BTW, thanks. Loving the progession. I find myself queueing up the albums and listening one after the other. Everything seems to dovetail wonderfully.

    • season9 says:

      yeah it’s a bit confusing as Part 3 is so long – Part 2 Stay Hidden includes tracks 6-10 on Adaption.

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