Get Ready…



  1. mwrd2011 says:

    Hi Paul,

    Just purchased Death by Coin-Op and am listening now, impressive stuff, it begins sounds like it should have been on the Escape from New York soundtrack :)

    Quick question, this is part 3, adaption is part 2, am I missing something here or is part 1 not released yet?


  2. This album is fantastic! Will there be a part 4?

    • Ah, just read this: “Adaption Part 3 – Death by Coin-op’ Album will conclude the trilogy available later this year.” Really interested to see where you go next!

      • season9 says:

        thanks, I have a folder called ‘Part 4’ with a file in it named ‘bricks’ so you never know:)

  3. Thanks for clarifying on the third part bit — I was like Martin wondering if I’d missed something!

    I really like both this and Adaptation — certainly two strong works and I look forward to whatever comes next. And you’ll be pleased to know that my 10 year old (who typically abhors my hippy noodly music) loves “A New Dawn”…


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