Woob – DEATH BY COIN-OP Now Available to Pre-order

DEATH BY COIN-OP : Adaption Part 3 is now available to pre-order. You get 2 tracks up front and the whole thing emailed to you on release day in early April.

’Death By Coin-op’  is part 3 in the ‘Adaption’ story.

As the night moves on into the small hours, a group of Arcadia’s as yet un-mutated residents conspire to avenge the death of their friend – with horrifying consequences.

‘Adaption‘ is a psychological thriller / horror musical adaptation of a story centered around a small coastal town’s abandoned video-arcade that mysteriously springs to life after midnight transforming all its unsuspecting visitors into the undead.

Like it’s predecessor the album will be available to download for just 90 days in its current form after which it will be (un)dead… only it’s rating will remain.


  1. I only needed to listen to two seconds: sold.

  2. watson says:

    I’m afraid

  3. blackflag23 says:

    Et in Arcadia ego…

  4. Some reminders of Tangerine Dream in this for me… Yay!


  1. […] currently putting the final touches to the track ‘Final Fight’ ahead of the DEATH BY COIN-OP album release this Friday, in the meantime you can now listen to the title track Death by Coin-op exclusively […]

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