Woob – Wuub, Odonna get Vinyl release on Styrax Records


Rejoice vinyl fans after decades in the digital wilderness the original Woob 1194 versions of Wuub and Odonna are set to get a 12″ vinyl release on Berlin based Styrax Records and there’s already a review!

Exact release date is still unknown as pressing plants are backed up in this vinyl revival era but probably around April, May. In addition there’s also talk of Limited Edition white snow vinyl version but this is currently unconfirmed.

Bigamoebasounds will also be doing something to coincide with the release and it won’t be a CD…stay tuned!


Limited Edition ‘white snow’ vinyl confirmed!!!! Will include full cover sleeve

Some test pressings in coloured disco bags are already in the wild with 2 currently for sale on discogs! Please note that the final product will include  full cover and different artwork.  Currently pre-order, pictures/descriptions, in some record shops show promo copies.




  1. Brennan Pettie says:

    If 1194 comes out on vinyl I’m gonna do cartwheels!!

  2. these sounds will be right at home on a classy label like Styrax

  3. season9 says:

    Post updated with new info!

  4. Do you have a list of the shops that have the pre-orders available for Wuub/Odonna?

  5. Is there any more info regarding this and the “Big Amoeba Sounds” mysterious co-release?

  6. Bummer!!!
    How about the Big Amoeba side of it?

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