Woob – Part III




  1. mwrd2011 says:

    Pugh looks interesting :)

    Still a bit disappointed that your not putting all your material as downloads as well, my ‘must have all formats’ days of collecting are long gone and nowadays I just love to listen to the music I love
    Also, has the Max & Harvey track ‘Max & Harvey’ been remastered? That seems to be missing from my collection…
    And finally, any news on when the Journeyman tracks will see the light of day?

    • It’s only one release and most of it is available digitally already.
      I seem to remember Max & Harvey track being a part of something around Have Landed time.
      Journeyman? it’s on iTunes and CD are available pretty freely ….or did you mean like a re-release?

  2. mwrd2011 says:

    It’s the viny 12″l mixes I’m still waiting for, there were some really nice long mixes that do deserve a remaster on their own :)

    As for the Max & Harvey track, can that be added as a download at some point?

    Not sure where ‘Pugh’ came from think spell check changed something before it sent, lolm

  3. I like the sound of a Journeyman reissue!

  4. Brennan Pettie says:

    That would be oh so nice on vinyl….

  5. Scab Boy says:

    ‘Max and Harvey’ track…best thing you’ve ever released! (BIG smiley face)

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