Woob – Mass Distraction INNA Master Controller Now Shipping

imc new  2

Mass Distraction INNA Master Controller begins shipping this week after a slight delay and it’s looking great!…. Enjoy your upgrade!

If you ordered the Signature edition I had initially planned on signing the actual cards but they don’t like it and it spoils them. So if you ordered the Signature Edition you now get a signed one off Isometric Card with C64 8bit theme in addition to a standard random Isometric card.


  1. Great, almost forgot this one.

  2. Robert Portman says:

    Any chance of a reissue of this hard copy?

  3. updated post to show SE details

  4. INNA . MASTER CONTROLLER USB is like a perfect black monolith.


    …and the DLC is very mysterious, purely exciting :)

  5. 11th April!

  6. season9 says:

    maybe repeat that comment on April 10th just in case;)

  7. WATSoN says:

    Hello !

    Thanks for Mass D – Analogue Emulation Mode :)

    I have a question…

    I don’t understand when you said : … this card contains additionnal un-lockable functions. Including: Synthetic Emotions, Psychotherapy Mode, Companionship Mode and After Dark Override.

    Can you explain to me, please ?

    • season9 says:

      it must be lost in translation, its just a creative description / part of the story. INNA isn’t actually real :-)

      • I understand…

        I fantasized, it was certainly the effect you wish…

        I had dreamed, especially about AFTER DARK OVERRIDE

        Regards, I wish you to create still dreams in music

      • season9 says:


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