Woob 1194 Found in Wil Wheaton’s Box

With a Quarterly subscription you receive a suprise box of gifts from your favorite person/curator every 3 months. The theme of Wil Wheaton’s boxes are things that were ‘special or important’ to him in a particular decade. #WIL03 Covered the 90’s and contained a bunch of stuff including the Woob 1194 album. Watch the unboxing above to see more and hear Wil’s kind thought’s on the album.

Penguin excitement below…

Big thanks to Wil for continually helping spread the word of Woob

For those listeners from far away lands perhaps unfamiliar with his work here’s some YouTube….



  1. The unboxing is oddly surreal, but how cool of him to include this. Great exposure for those not in the know and also cool too see another example of how important and far-reaching 1194 truly is. I hope this creates tons of new Woob fans because Paul deserves all the support!

  2. That’s super cool :)

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