Woob – Mass Distraction

femmedroidImage Source Unknown

When you work on two projects at once sometimes they get finished in the wrong order so the now due Adaption Part 3 will have to wait for another time whilst the previously unannounced ‘Mass Distraction’ is out soon.

Mass Distraction is an EP inspired  by an unpublished short sci-fi story by Adam Foley (Paradigm Flux). Most of the story is centered around the dialogue between a ‘Femme-droid’ and her user during the ‘Synthetic Revolution’.


  1. scab boy says:

    Great cover…

  2. James J. says:

    Is there any way that we could get a link for Adam Foley? I’d like to read more of his stuff but have had a hard time finding it anywhere.

  3. Quagmire says:

    dat ass…

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