Woob – Repurpose Origins



After all the digital only releases this year I think it’s time for a physical one! To complete the 5th year celebrations of the Woob Reboot we are going to simultaneously mark the 20th anniversary of Woob² 4495 by introducing No.2 in the Woob Hard Copy Collectors series – Repurpose Origins. Not only will this finally offer a physical release of Repurpose for those who missed the very limited CD but also the now deleted Woob² 4495 will be making a temporary resurrection via bonus content!!

Repurpose origins is a compilation that includes the main album plus all the tracks that helped build the release including  Mould from Emit 4495, Ten Ton Lab, Depart etc but also there will be a few surprises – included on the Hard Copy the original unedited 1997 version of Giant Stroke plus the Repurpose original live improv.+ more.


This 16 bit Hard Copy will be available via 3x Limited Edition versions. Including a Woob HQ version (10 only) that includes original handmade case and signed numbered booklet to house the hard copy + original Repurpose art card and studio art card.


Release date is soon…I will tweet date and time.


  1. R.Daneel says:


  2. ADF9000 says:

    10? *sharpens negotiating tool*

  3. drool indeed. dangit paul, i have now installed twitter on my phone so i don’t miss out on this. curse you!

  4. The Dude says:

    My Precious!

  5. agrumann@gmail.cl says:

    That´s are great new Woob. Finally! To Chile a copy, please!!

  6. Golden Knuckles says:

    What timing! I listened to 4495 last night for the first time in awhile. A bedtime lullaby of dot matrix printers and basketball sneakers. At least we know that the physical copies are going to go to good homes. I’ll try to be one of them.

  7. A vinyl copy of 4495 would be awesome. Although it would be limited to 5 copies and I wouldn’t get one anyway.

  8. In the pocket, where are the other 2?

  9. good luck to those searching the other 9. out of my price range. :(

  10. Got it ;-)

  11. HQ edition – they sold out I’ll never have anything in that store ! If you are waiting for a code hang in there I’m on it

  12. I’m so confused, I don’t even know what’s on sale except something for $1000. I guess l’ll just go crawl back under my rock

    • season9 says:

      To launch the album I had to have digital album available to buy so the $1000 is to stop people buying it!
      It’s the Hard Copy (USB) that is for sale this includes the digital. There is no digital only option.

  13. I feel like I must be living in the twilight zone. Top Repurpose links on Bandcamp go to MXV. Can’t tell the difference between the 2 $40 versions

  14. I know the SE edition sold quickly, but have all versions sold out? Were there 3 different versions? I must be getting old, this release really threw me for a loop.

    • there was the Hard Copy and two Special Editions that included signed art card or case & booklet (woobHQ) . They have all sold out- I may do a small amount more of the card on it’s own but it’s not definite

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