Woob MXV – Out Now

5th year celebrations of  Woob reboot continue…

MXV is a companion album to ‘Intervision 1015’ and includes a bunch of new material/remixes + most of the unmixed ‘Time Limited’ bonus tracks (now remastered) from the special edition that are no longer available.


  1. Vector/s Approach – Shimmer II … When and where have you played this live ?

  2. Brennan Pettie says:

    And…..another home run!!
    Great mixes!

  3. I’m loving this! This is a diverse collection of soundscapes, but every track has that profoundly wistful quality that puts Woob at the centre of my music collection. I recently discovered the Japanese term ‘mono no aware’ which captures this poignant sense of nostalgia. Paul, there are very few artists that can consistently generate that feeling … but you do it every time. Thanks.

  4. thanks guys!

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