MXV – Out this week + New Details Emerge


MXV started out as a simple compilation for those who missed the ‘Time Limited’ bonus tracks originally included with Intervision 1015 but it has evolved and now includes a bunch of new stuff and even some of those aforementioned tracks have been remastered.

Taking center stage of the new material is the Dead Already Mix of the soon to be undead Stay Hidden from Adaption. A remix that includes the vocal talents of the AI High Priestess – Coin-op of Death! which should segue nicely into the new album Death by Coin-op out later this year.

Sticking with the Time Limited theme of the album is a sequel to the track Shimmer that appeared on the now deleted Light and Levitation. ‘Shimmer II’ clocks in at over 10 minutes in all its warm 90’s retro-ambient chillout-ness-ness. A google search reveals a lovely YouTube video to re-familiarise yourself with the original.

Other new stuff includes the Reverse Thrust Mix of Paradox II and for the first time ever the complete full-length uncut SA Vinyl of 85-bit (64k edition) remastered exclusively for this compilation.

The line-up is completed with unmixed versions of Swarm/Stranger Air/Vector Approach and Low Rez Skyline

Album is out later this week on Bigamoebasounds via Bandcamp


OUT NOW ! Link


  1. Status upgrade to level 4: ‘eagerly awaiting’. Especially excited about the prospect of Shimmer II. I find myself listening to Light and Levitation more often than Adaptation. It may have been ‘time limited’, but it is now on my list of favourite ambient albums.

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