Woob – Adaption – 24 bit Hard Copy

Yesterday’s new release may have gone on sale digital only (due to it being a TIme Limited release) but there’s actually a very Limited Edition (only 2 made) 24-bit Hard Copy up for grabs.

The hard copy more fitting to the era of the album comes on data optical disc in Signed Woob logo monochrome case.

So how do you get one?..

You have two chances either comment (max 3 comments) on the just uploaded tune above and the most inventive comment will receive a 24-bit Hard Copy


Write a short few lines about the album on Bandcamp or if you prefer Discogs / rate your music / youtube / facebook twitter etc and post a link to it in the comments or contact me with the link if you prefer. Your review won’t count if you post it in the comments without a link. Most Inventive Review will receive hard copy + Logo T-Shirt (super rare now as sold out).

Judges decision is final this competition does not require a purchase to enter;)

Failure to enter will result in condition below…


  1. My mother in law has hide herself from me for some years now when heard all those previous Woob releases but when I played this tune she instantly adopted me as her favorite son-in-law, thanks Paul!

  2. Something I wrote up earlier this year in a fit of Woob enthusiasm: https://phonaut.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/woob-big-things-in-tiny-packages/

  3. Paulaner says:

    Castlevanian midnight feeling… Sharpen your knives, grab a candle and keep moving the joystick to the creepy crunchy beat. Escape the ghouls, avoid the ghosts and save the Princess Jessica!

  4. According to one dictionary the first know use of the term adaption was in 1704. This use of the term, as the song title, is undoubtedly very far removed from anything one from 1704 would have or could have imagined. I’m not sure what Adaption Mr. Frankland is trying to attain but the music is bloody brilliant, as always. The smooth beginning leading into the power synth percussive drive. It’s unfortunate there are only two hard copies of this new release. It surely deserves to be heard by the multitudes… Well done, Mr. Frankland, well done.

  5. sadly, bandcamp’s review section was too short, so i made a public facebook post!

  6. R. Daneel says:

    As a regular traveler between Earth, Aurora and Solaria, I been listening and recommending Woob releases to plenty fellow travelers to kill time between the long jumps. The music has been perfectly calibrated for the regular warp jumps, something that most musicians, like Erik Satie or Arvo Part, didn’t take into consideration when they created their master pieces. An effort that should be recognized.
    When I heard this new release the first time, I felt a shift in my positronic brain and my joints started rocking wildly in arbitrary directions resulting in a modern interpretation of the rigaudon. Halfway the track it fills with bursts of 16bit digital trinkets, which gives a pleasant sensation to the auditory cortex, similar to sounds found in my favorite arcade game Polybius. After listening the full 4.75e+8 microseconds of sonic waves, I have to conclude that mr. Frankland has done it again! Thanks for your great effort!

  7. season9 says:

    Thanks all! some great stuff so far…. but please remember to post a link to your review as without it your entry won’t count. (posting a review in the comments doesn’t count without a link too).

  8. season9 says:

    If you comment on the soundcloud track you don’t need to link that:)
    You can enter both comments and review for a greater chance of winning!

  9. season9 says:

    For those new to soundcloud – to comment just click where you want the comment to be on the waveform view and type in the box

  10. just to clarify, mine was meant as a review :)

  11. eugeneandresson says:

    Actually reviewed ‘Woob’ in band camp last night without knowing about this album competition – I guess I entered unknowingly, and pure intention. Was simply re-loving being Woobed again :) And all of today, whilst working in 36 degree heat…

  12. Eek, little late to the party (can’t believe I missed the email about this post). Sorry Paul, I wasn’t feeling very ‘inventive’ so I decided I’d just post a genuine announcement/mini review here and still cross my fingers: http://answerscomeindreams.com/2015/07/08/new-release-from-woob-adaption-available-now/

  13. A Dark And Poetic Trip Into “Outer Noise”. A Daring And Playfully Transgressive Influx Of New. Always Different, Artist Provides Truly Innovative “Opus Nova”. A Definite Achievement; Purchase Tonight In One’s Leisure Hours And DAMMIT I COULDN’T KEEP UP THE CLEVER ACROSTICS AT THE END THERE. Anyway – buy this, it’s great.

  14. My review (down a couple rows on my Bandcamp collection page): https://bandcamp.com/nosource

  15. season9 says:

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