Woob – Adaption Album Preview


Mash-up of some tracks from the forthcoming new Woob album Adaption, more info in this post

Adaption is a psychological thriller / horror musical adaptation of a story centred around a small coastal town’s abandoned video-arcade that mysteriously springs to life after midnight transforming all its unsuspecting visitors into the undead.


  1. motorik says:


  2. Oh my god this is ace.

  3. Wow, can not wait for this one!

  4. The Dude says:

    Love it!

  5. I’m mesmerized by this electro groovy teaser, from beyond, like a neo giallo, a thrill in space and mind, a K.Dick geometry, a psycho kiss… great !

  6. mystiker says:

    woob goes 80s synth music, i dig it! can’t wait for the 24 bit hard copy :)

  7. Holy smokes, Tron meets Stephen King and put through the Woob machine…

  8. Brennan Pettie says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!

  9. Brennan Pettie says:

    Digital only or is there physical too??

  10. btribble says:

    Lovin it!


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