Woob – Adaption


Originally born out of an early track for a previously teased release ‘Adaption is a psychological thriller / horror musical adaptation of a story centered around a small coastal town’s abandoned video-arcade that mysteriously springs to life after midnight transforming all its unsuspecting visitors into the undead.

Release date is soon, so grab that popcorn/kitchen knife and keep an eye out for some incoming audio clips, until then the image above should set the tone nicely.

Adaption (Cat.TL002) will be available for an as yet undecided – 90 mins, 90 hours or 90 days in its current form after which it will be dead.

UPDATE audio preview here


  1. The Dude says:

    Keep ’em coming…. the more the better!

  2. This place you’ve mentioned ‘that turns unsuspecting visitors into the undead’ sounds a lot like Tesco’s on a Sunday morning…


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