Woob – Intervision 1015 – Coming Soon


I wanted to do something to mark the five year anniversary of the Woob reboot (see this post). It was suggested maybe a compilation of fave tracks but that just seemed a little obvious, so I have created a new excursion using edits, bits, halves and some wholes of existing tracks mixed together with new sound bites, a hand full of remixes, a couple of rarities and a track from the future in an intergalactic mash up of epic proportions. Drawing on five years worth of material Intervision 1015 is the ultimate in mind cinema.

For a limited period the digital download will also include the unmixed complete versions of new material / mixes.

Intervision 1015 will be out soon in the meantime check out the almost finished artwork above.


  1. Looking forward to another aural expedition. The more versions, mixes and mashups you can produce… the better for us!

  2. Brilliant, thanks. Looking forward to this.

  3. editoratma says:

    I just watched “The First Spaceship on Venus”. As a Woob fan, this movie had special delights for me!

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