Woob – Reboot is Five

Above – where it began

The Woob reboot is 5 this year – never have so many months flown by quite so quickly. Back in 2010 when Unknown Quantity was released (on New Years Day!) I wondered  where it all might lead, back then I could never have predicted the sheer quantity of output both musical and physical. At risk of sounding a bit corny – focusing on Woob may have been a financial challenge (massive understatement) but it’s been rewarding in so many other ways.

So massive thanks to those who came along for the ride and have helped support the music over the years … hopefully there’s a couple more to come.

Let me know your favourite new Woob track in the comments.

All that being said however there are a couple of projects MIA that need to be addressed so keep an eye out for news on them over the coming months/days(?)


Also coming up is the 5th year anniversary of Repurpose and 20 since its original incarnation Woob 4495 so maybe a one off Special a Double 16bit Hard Copy is called for ?- stay tuned……;)





  1. Golden Knuckles says:

    It is truly impossible to choose a favorite new Woob track, but I feel inclined to mention that no day goes by without me humming at least one bit of 85-bit.

  2. Is there a new release???????

  3. Kernit the Font says:

    I’ll let Abba express my feelings on Woob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dcbw4IEY5w

    I always recommend Woob to anyone who’ll listen! :)

  4. It is nearly impossible to pick a top Woob track but here goes…

    My favorite reboot track is 85-bit
    My favorite original run track is Odonna (bells remix) [edit]

  5. Still stuck on a favourite, but revisited the Planet Woob tape and 1194 today. Very enjoyable.

  6. Just one? :s Right now I’ll say Finishing Move.

  7. …. …. …. . .. …. TO . .. THE . … CITY . . … I …. II … III …… … . ..

  8. r.daneel says:

    85bit, Snow-covered Akihabara, Repurpose, Odonna, On Earth, any of the max & harvey releases. You’re filling a whole niche on your own here!

  9. Strange Air, and 85bit post-reboot.

    I’ve been a fan since buying 1194 back when it first came out. Thank you for all the new works over the last 5 years!

  10. Another +1 for 85bit, What We Came Here For, pretty much the entire Lost 1194 album, absolutely adore the end of Unknown Quantity and the Max & Harvey tracks.

    Also have to mention your pre-reboot work Paul, as an all time favourite album that I return to time and time again is ‘Mama 6’ ( Oooooh Sometimes I get a good feeling yeah … and of course Tron )

    Love your work, long may it continue

  11. love the atmosphere in giant stroke.

    i think repurpose is the finest engineered album to ever grace my ears

  12. My favourites, to name a few:
    – Unknown Quantity
    – Paradigm Flux [Tokyo Cut]
    – 85-bit
    – If I don’t make it Home
    – Max is missing 33 rpm danger
    – Lost Wuub
    – Ultrascope II

    And it’s like in Tristram in Diablo computer game, when visiting for the first time Ogden, the Tavern of the Rising Sun owner: Thanks god you’ve returned! Thanks Paul :)!

    Best from Poland

  13. Strange, and Stranger Air
    Ultrascope II
    85 bit
    Horizon Vector/s

    Ultrascope is a hands down classic, a proper journey and pretty much the only album I have that I can drift off to sleep to. That’s a massive recommendation btw.

    My 11 year old is a fan also (he’s been brought up well ;-D) and it’s his vote for Horizon Vector/s.

    • Great choice Lazarus Junior:)

      • 4495 is the only disc missing from my em:t collection – I lent it to a friend who lent it to his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend and I never got it back :/. This was years ago, and I did really love it. Maybe even more than 1194 in some ways.

  14. I know you’re asking about favorite tracks from 4495, but “Wuub” from 1194 is just about the most perfect track I’ve ever found in music. Bar none. I can listen to it anytime and be transported. It stands as my all time favorite tune in music. The layering, the beat, the samples, the evolution of the track – I’ve never found anything that just hits the sweet spot like Wuub.

    On 4495, Pondlife is the sine qua non.

    Thanks for all your work over the years.

  15. It’s hard to pick a 4495 favorite it’s all amazing and I broke all my copies of the CD from playing it so much, but I would say Later with Depart as #2. Later has moved me to tears more than once. This whole album has gotten me through some dark times. I’m so happy you’re producing again!!

  16. if i well remember,
    #Depart got me damn emotional tears during the first listing (or maybe it was during the whole album ;) )
    my favourite track on 4495 is definitely Depart !

    • Depart has always been special to me too! I feel like I’m in a woobaholic support group in these comments lol

  17. Fav of 4495: Later (the whole album is quite the journey…)
    Fav of last 5 years: Shoooot, there’s been so much to digest I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. My wife always complains that I don’t like to rank things :)

  18. Specifically from 4495? I love Creek – so good.

  19. Void pt.2

  20. Thanks for all the comments everyone. 85-bit seems to be a popular one from the reboot specifically which bodes well for future releases;). Great to hear people’s fave 4495 track too

  21. Void pt.2 is for me one of the most perfect piece of music I have ever heard. Sometimes I can listen to it for hours :). I have this one in mp3 file and it’s ripped from vinyl record, so one can hear some scratches and noises which provides a special atmosphere. I would love to have this track on CD some day…

  22. Nothing comes close to Wuub for me. It’s a contender for my favorite track by anyone ever. It just pips the Irresponsible Force (full chill mix) of Coldcut’s Autumn Leaves to the top spot.

  23. Best tracks:

    On Earth
    Paradigm Flux EP (Whole thing)

  24. Fave reboot tracks: Wuub (Original Full Mix) and 85-bit (64k Edition). Both guaranteed to get you smiling!


  1. […] wanted to do something to mark the five year anniversary of the Woob reboot (see this post). It was suggested maybe a compilation of fave tracks but that just seemed a little obvious, so I […]

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