Woob – Ambient Disaster Movie + Original Prequel Double Bill Matinée Today

Tickets Please!

This afternoon for you mind viewing pleasure ( UK Time.) The first audio screening of Ambient Disaster Movie (aka Woob0014) plus The ‘Directors Cut’ of the Original Sequel in this Double Bill extravaganza .

Promo Blurb from Foyer Leaflet –

Your voyage begins abruptly as a Sudden Swarm engulfs you, disconcerted and transfixed your mind begins to latch on…. Prepare to be cast adrift on the Delphine sea, battle for freedom with the power of the Cosmic Document, journey to the centre of your own brain in a mind bending experiment of sound and sanity. Finally, if you make it this far without slipping into temporal unconsciousness, you may find what you came here for the ultimate prize…. to begin again and venture beyond insanity into the mesmerizing world of…… Ambient Disaster Movie.

it was supposed to be a Midnight showing but the projectionist didn’t turn up.

promoMore Details Shortly….


Your Movie Has Begun



  1. A double bill in the afternoon, and an ambient disaster as well, can’t wait, is there free popcorn as well?

  2. KIA-ORA!!!! Now you have my full attention…

  3. The Dude says:

    Should I bring my x-ray specs or a secret decoder ring? Decisions, decisions!

    • The Dude says:

      Phew! Lucky I opted for the x-ray specs… just in time to get one of the last available deluxe neural implants (or whatever).


  1. […] as previously mentioned this release is somewhat of a double bill as the movie prequel is also included. This extended […]

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