Woob – The CD is Dead…. 24-bit Hard Copy has Arrived.


OK so maybe not dead but it’s at least in stasis, fear not however as a new audio format has evolved – 24-bit Hard Copy.


Taking its cue from the original futuristic Woob – Return to the City keycards (see prototype above) this Hard Copy contains all the info and display’s the album artwork in one slender format. Not only does this allow for better uncompressed sounding music but also plenty of room to add bonus tracks/mixes (see next release), double albums, ambient marathons and more…. but unlike the more recent 24-bit Artifact’s – pricing is reduced and posting costs are down.

Initially there will be two options – Standard and Deluxe the latter a Limited Edition complete with (ironically) CD sized signed artwork.


More details with next release…



  1. Deluxe for me haha

  2. Darren says:

    Oh Christ, I fear for my bank balance…….

  3. Shame about the demise of the CD, I’ve always preferred CD’s for ambient music, but then the music business keep trying to kill off vinyl and look what all the ‘big’ companies do on the annual Record Store Day, that’s right press up loads of new vinyl pressings, and they wonder why the music business is in decline…
    Anyway, new Woob is always welcome whatever the format :)

  4. I’m ready for this!

  5. Stoked to find out more about this and 0014! Keep up the great work Paul!

    Ps…. You get a chance to listen to the illuminaries album yet?

    • season9 says:

      only briefly on laptop..keep meaning to move it from laptop to studio..sounds chill though:)

      • It’s a good mixture of chill stuff, electro breaks and dub….well at least I think so lol. Will definitely sound better in the studio though. Hehe.

  6. Armidge says:

    Any chance this format will support DSD and/or surround-sound mixes? I recently got a system that will play up to 7.1 channels of audio and it has been fun to experience the music that way. Finally I am getting to experience the FAX DTS discs I’ve had for years…


  1. […] new audio format 24-bit Hard Copy is also available for this release – not only do you get the original master recordings x2 […]

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