Woob Monochrome Green coming September – CD Series now Complete.


Spanning three album releases and now with this 6th edition the popular Woob Monochrome CD series is coming to an end. Although initially only meant as a one off included in the ‘Have Landed’ monochrome set, it proved so popular a mini series was born. Now with the advent of other new formats/products and to help simplify the ever more complex process of posting and packaging of pre-orders:) it’s the perfect time to complete the series…


…and we are going back to where it all began!

So far each of the three albums have had a black case and a single colour case option except Have Landed so to address this incompleteness a new Monochrome Green will be available to order in September. Signed and complete with original artwork + ‘Planet Green’ hand built sleeve. …like the above but  err….greener!

Also I’m taking a break from regular CD’s…. but fear not as these will be replaced with an all new format one more be-fitting this 21st Century – full details soon. In the mean-time here’s a bunch of images of the other CD’s in the series…


black8003above – If we count this black variation then its 7 altogether






  1. So when can I purchase it?

    • season9 says:

      Sometime in September maybe sooner, I have them here but kinda tied up with new album at the moment and need to sign them get pictures do the store page etc but I’ll create a new post when they are ready to order

  2. new album! \o/

  3. The Dude says:

    I’m kinda excited that you’re kinda tied up!

  4. Guess I missed this black one? https://season9.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/0001995219_10.jpg

    Anyway count me in for the green one


  1. […] the Woob Bandcamp store, as stock is getting low on Lost 1194 and Ultrascope. Oh and as for that green monochrome I’ll get on to to it […]

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