Hologram Time Traveler

This game looked like the future but played badly. It’s strange though as I distinctly remember playing it in the eighties except that it came out in 1991!



  1. it was interesting. I played it a couple of times – but I remember it being something like £1 a play. Back in the 90’s that was way too much!

  2. i remember being in high school when this came out. i wanted to like it so bad, but it was pretty awful. i think here in the states it was like $1.50 a play, which was also super-prohibitive. great tech, though.

  3. Hardware uses a laserdisc and parabolic mirror to produce the look of the future, playing a cowboy from 1873 who travels to 2552 to save the universe with his six-shooter… perfect use of past-future, new tech using old hardware, a contrast both in construct and content! I am lucky to be able to play it at California Extreme when the show happens.

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