Woob – Finishing Move

Could this be the final woob track….?

finishing move woob


  1. Anthony says:

    I hope not.

  2. As do I.
    However if it was, i am sure there would be another project to follow. Maybe not as Woob but i am sure it would be excellent as always!
    Ps. Another amazing track added to the roster. Love the arpeggio and detuned synths.

  3. Since it’s from the future, probably. Luckily it’s very far into the future. Plenty of music between then and now :D

  4. HELLO !

    I come back from a journey in the future…

    Without revealing it more, I can assert that the PLANET WOOB continues to turn and to emit…

  5. Jason Cheswick says:

    Is that emit…… or em:t?

  6. Dr Z Stylus. says:

    From the future? More likely the past – Jean Michel Jarre ca 1984 to be exact. Listen to Zoolook.

  7. Atari Karateka joined the crew of the First Spaceship on Venus ?

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