Woob – ULTRASCOPE : Time Paradox – gets full digital release includes Brand New Tracks

UPDATED (see end of post)

Previously only available via a download code in Ultrascope CD/T-shirt packages, Time Paradox is now available to all. The album is an alternate timeline take on the original, 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes + there are now 3 additional new tracks with 2 of them brand new having not featured on the Ultrascope album in any form due to them being from the future.

If you already own the album and want the new tracks don’t worry you can purchase them individually at various price points for a limited time.

The new tracks are available in 24-bit if you select FLAC download option. ( if you can’t play FLAC audio and have iTunes pick ALAC for superior sound quality.)

Time Paradox is recorded with full dynamic’s intact and is therefore a little softer sounding than the original album please adjust your volume level accordingly. Please remember this album is not compatible with earbuds or speakers under 5 inches. Under no circumstances should this album attempt to be played on such devices. LINK


‘Finishing Move’ gets its own artwork (download below if you already bought)

Ultrascope Complete includes both digital albums + an original ‘Suns Fall’ CD while stocks last LINK









  1. 3 more tracks added to my Ultrascope suite. Finishing Move is fantastic!


  3. season9 says:


  4. how serious is the caution about not listening to this album on speakers smaller than 5″? i want to pick this album up but am now frightened of damaging my headphones. i don’t want to miss out on a great woob album!

    • season9 says:

      It won’t damage any speakers… it’s a ‘tongue in cheek’ statement on how so many people listen to music these days on crappy earbuds and phone speakers and so are missing out on so much of the music

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