Woob – Lost 1194 – Located Edition

locatorUPDATED It’s gone!

Yes those vapor-rumours were true… there’s one last edition and its a special one-off with a very unique piece of vinyl and replica EPS locator! Details below.

The ‘Located’ edition comes with Replica EPS locator (actual working microsocope) + EPS r-TYPE AND y-TYPE , strange spherical disk (7″ vinyl) BLUE Monochrome CD.

woobvinyl7The inverted image doesn’t help reveal the contents but it sure looks cool!


They light up when inserted into a ship terminal point (or USB port if you don’t have a spacecraft handy)

This is a final chance to get all those unique items in one package and although this edition is based around the Replica Locator that’s just a bit of fun as the real prize is the Strange Spherical disk. Located on the other side of the underground chasm this 7″vinyl (a Woob first) has just a few grooves cut in it and is an unusual and rare item. The only thing known about the content is that it is the same as Lost 9310 and as such is shrouded in mystery to all bar a select few.

This one off edition will be available at Woob HQ on Monday Evening (UK) – for a heads up on the exact time contact me via the HQ

uncharted1194bEPS r-TYPE



  1. Paul I would love to my hands on this! I will be sending you an email shortly!

    Cheers and amazing as always!

  2. season9 says:

    will send everyone’s email soon

  3. Anxiously watching my inbox with twitchy fingers. Lol.

  4. I am officially the happiest person in the world right now! Shaking with excitement. Thank you so much Paul for this amazing release!


  1. […] fans rejoice! as hot on the heals of the just announced Lost 1194 Located Edition we now have a follow up to the sold out Substrate Aluminium […]

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