New mix by Mike G Features music by Woob, Kenji Kawai, Vangelis and More


You can listen to it on Mixcloud LINK

Mike G aka Mike Watson is probably best known for his resource – the Ambient Music Guide. The site a great way of discovering ambient & downtempo and you can find a detailed write up of Mike’s favourite albums from last year (yes it is there!)


  1. This mix inspires me some questions :

    With what director, alive or dead, would you like to work with ?

    If you had to realize the music of a movie, for a movies concert, which would you choose ?

    There are sound effects or dialogues of movies in some of your musical compositions.
    Can you tell it to us more ?

    Whether it is in the cinema or in the literature, there are works which inspired you ideas of musical themes ?

    What becomes your artistic collaboration with Samuel Cockedey ?

    If you have some time to answer… thank you for learning us a little more on you !


    • season9 says:

      its not my mix but I assume you are asking me, anyway too many questions its kinda like a comment interview! – in short like most I’m influenced by everything around me (see this sites archives) so I often avoid listening to certain albums etc so I am not influenced by them. RTTC collab with Samuel more news on that and whole heap of stuff soon.

  2. Thanks for the post Paul.

    By the way, the mix is called Future Noir – Volume 2: Ghost City.

    There is also Volume 1: Dark City – available here:

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