Woob – Lost 1194 – Shipping Forecast



ALL PRE-ORDERS + ORDERS (UP UNTIL 18.2) NOW SHIPPED Thanks to everyone who ordered !

Seems I ran out of year and now it’s already the end of January – which can mean only two things….. Snow + Shipping!

I’ll catch up on Comp results and other stuff later  – Hope you all had a great New Year.

I’ll update this post everytime I ship. You may also now get shipping notification email’s from either store. if you ordered a basket of stuff some items may ship separately so you will not receive the notification until everything in your order has shipped.

I’ve already been shipping for a few days so you may already have stuff if you are in the UK.

28.1 Art Prints (sans CD)

29.1 All Art Prints Sent + Half EPS r-Type

30.1 All EPS r-type now sent / 3rd of y-type

3.2 All EPS y-type sent

5.2 Mixed Frozen CD / Emit Edition

6.2 More Frozen CD / Emit Edition


11.2 Signed Sealed + Mixed basket bundles + Frozen CD

12.2 S+S / Mixed basket / Emit Edition

13.2 Lots o’ Monochrome Black! (UK Sent ‘Signed For’) / More Bundles

14.2 Monochrome Blue! / M Blk Bundles / Few Inflight


17.2 Stealth Emperor / Inflight / All Blue Monochrome /mixed baskets

18.2 50 Below Lost Vinyl! / Rest of Tee’s / Black Monochrome Solo US/ROW

That’s It! All pre-orders/orders now sent up to 18.2. Thanks to everyone who ordered.

lost1194printPrints look great – EPS picture’s to follow.



  1. r-type received today
    damn, i can’t classify the particular emotion by listing the additional track ‘planet demo’
    t-h-a-n-k you Paul for this ‘out of body brain travel music’ ! :)

  2. Michael Ward says:

    I got my y-type EPS last week…pretty damn cool. One question though…I can’t remember, does the y/r types eps supposed to come with the “Lost Void” download code?? Mine didn’t.


    • Lost void code is in a pdf with digital download on bandcamp or if you ordered from woobHQ then it was sent with your download request.

  3. CREEPY 3D for your pleasure !

  4. I’ve just commanded Lost 1194 Black Monochrome CD…
    It’s the cavalry which arrives after the battle.
    But the hazards of the fortune what doesn’t still allow us to make what we want when we want it.
    In the pleasure to listen you, REGARDS


    YES, great old school new age ambient music.

    Beautiful Mix !

    Big Bonus !

    THANKS !

  6. Received my Inflight Infra Grey and Frozen cd, everything beautifully done, as ever.
    Thanks, I bloody love this album.

  7. More I listen Lost 1194 and more all the variations broadcast.
    It’s a new perception of Woob 1194 completely makes a success…
    Fascinating !
    I’m happy and my ears sing !

  8. I received Lost 1194 Black Monochrome.

    I stuck the chrome sticker on the back of the sleeve case.
    It’s beautiful like that, like a negative of Ultrascope Black Monochrome.

    Thank you for this fast sending,

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