Woob 2213 – Reveal


Lost 1194 Is a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the Woob debut album recording sessions at Square Center Studios. Digitally Re-mastered keeping the integrity of the original sound intact and formed from the alternate live mixes (Wuub had 6!) this collection combines to form an alternative take on 1194.

The roots of most of these recordings can be found in the original Woob six part cassette series. However there are tracks from that series that were not part of the original debut and some of these will also appear as part of this new collection. A launch Event Post will reveal various editions and how these will be included.

The Lost Prologue below gives you an ambient taster of the album to be released in the coming days….

The amazing artwork is by French concept artist and illustrator Florian de Gesincourt the widescreen version will feature on the CD you can see it at his site HERE Go full screen whilst listening to the Prologue recommended!


  1. Beautiful… I’m guessing that there’s a version of “Odonna” on the album?

    • Yes…i’m listening to it right now!

      • OK…. Sherlock Holmes moment #2… it’s the unreleased “bells” version that’s been on bandcamp for a few years… (?)

      • The Bells remix was released on Plug In + Turn On vol.2, but I’m betting this version will be quite different

      • the bells section is similar as you can hear but the whole track its a lot longer than the bells mix so by default its very different!

  2. *Ellipses addiction*

  3. uploading prologue…..

  4. Updated with Prologue + album info

  5. 2013 is a BIG WOOB YEAR !

  6. When when when?

  7. Im confused…. are Woob 2213 and Lost 1194 separate, or the same thing?

    So the below turned out to be quite a little rant…

    1194, 4495 and Mama6 are incredible albums. I adore them!
    It would be great to see a new full albums like those, not a mix of new tracks with re-makes of old tracks.
    Sure, ill buy it anyway, but it certainly won’t have the magic of the originals.

    Must admit, i lost some respect for Mat Jarvis after 0095 was re-pushed so hard a few years back.

    Also, the extra trinkets with the albums do very little for me. Yes ive bought a few, and got a warm fuzzy feeling when opening the package, but after i looked at them once, they got hidden away in the cupboard and haven’t been looked at since.
    It looks like it takes some effort to produce those extra items. It would be great if that effort was spent on making new music instead.
    I know they are collectors items, but i doubt they will ever have the same appeal as the old original Em:t digipack CDs.

    I paid about $150US each for original mint 1194 and 4495 about 10 years ago.
    I did so because there was no other way of getting original quality versions of the albums (MP3s were terrible).

    Its the music im here for!

    • You’re kinda trolling a bit with your rant Mark but I’ll let you off as you were probably hoping for completely brand new stuff :) – In response firstly there was an album of all new material released in September that came with another version digitally if you bought a CD that also included a bonus track! T-shirts can be worn when not in cupboards:) The Artifact’s are the only real way to distribute the large 24bit uncompressed master recordings and have a great practical use a to store back-ups from the CD’s you paid $$$ for!

      RE-Lost1194 (aka 2213) The album is a way to celebrate 20 years since Woob began and give something back to those who have enjoyed the original for so long – uncovering lost mixes seemed the most appropriate way to do it. A lot of thought and time has gone into this release and has been worked on in the background since Woob rebooted in 2010. It also means that those unreleased recordings won’t be sat in a cupboard somewhere and help make Woob 4 a reality.

      The various editions are essential to support the cost of each release without them there would be nothing!

      There will be no inflatable penguins

      • Yes, it was quite a self-centered rant, but i thought you might appreciate in some way hearing the thoughts of a true Woob/Journeyman/Max&Harvey fan :)

        Music is quite important to me, and i do regard 1194 to be the single most important album i have. It still amazes me how no matter what im doing, when i listen to it i float off, and only when the album finishes do i realise how much time has passed, and that iv’e done absolutely nothing while it has been playing. Its a complete productivity killer :P
        4495 and Mama6 have a similar, but not quite as strong effect.
        Unfortunately Have Landed & Ultrascope don’t do that for me… i await the day you release a new album that does.

        If selling the extras means we will hear more of your music in the future, i’m all for it :)
        If the other items do have better quality versions of the tracks, then thats great, ill probably buy it. I won’t buy a more expensive version just because it comes in a limited edition box or similar again though.

        Great news about the inflatable penguin.
        I already have one of those from ~15yrs ago when i was first getting into Linux :P

  8. Looking good, just listened to the Soundcloud preview – Fantastic!!
    It’s like being transported back to 1994 for a sequel we never knew existed – Can’t wait :)
    Love the artwork too, Florian has done a great job there, and looks like he could have done some great poster’s for John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ movie.
    There is a part of me that agree’s with MWP above. It is all about the music in the end but you have done a great job producing some really nice ‘Collectable variants’, and yes they usually do get put away somewhere safe in the end, but having those limited editions helps with promoting Woob and producing new music & products in the future, which is what we all want :)

    • The Thing! yes in fact that’s the launch post movie …in keeping with the now Carpenter tradition after Ultrascope Launch

  9. Fantastic news! Time Paradox is to Ultrascope as Lost1194 is to 1194…
    Glad that Odonna (bells mix) will be on it. Hoping that Void and Pluto will be on it too :)

  10. I understand that each has different expectations from an artist…

    For me, Woob is an artist from whom I cannot refrain from listening works once a season, at least.

    I adore making discover his universe to my friends.

    In every listening I always discover it a melodic aspect which had escaped me.

    I like very much the variations, especially at the moment Time Paradox IV whose final is prodigious.

    I’m always laudatory with Woob, but his music took an important place in my imagination.

    At present, Ultrascope and Time Paradox accompanies perfectly my reading of Ubik ( Philip K. Dick ).

    I look forward to hearing LOST 1194 !

  11. If there aren’t any inflatable penguins, then I’m walkin’ out on this!

    No, seriously, will be eagerly awaiting more details. Sometimes this sort of redux smells like a quick cash-in, but in the case of this album, I’m glad to pump fresh oxygen into the Woobosphere. Bringing me back to the very first road trip when I spun my freshly-uncovered beat-up copy of 1194 for the first time…

  12. sfritz313 says:

    This is so awesome. Thanks so much for sharing these tracks, Paul!

    • The preview sounds great, I’m really looking forward to hearing the whole thing!

      How about inflatable toucans if we can’t have penguins?

  13. To me, even having woob streaming in again means almost as much to me as 1194 came to. I ended up creating an ultramix, blending Have Landed, Ultrascope and Time Paradox into one sequence. This new meta-album, to me, feels like a rebirth; again, with as much of an impact as 1194 had at the time. It’s wonderful to hear this voice again. Please, please keep going, and remixing, and releasing. Track list:

    The Surface
    Horizon Vector/s
    If I Don’t Make It Home
    The Giant Divide
    Paradox I
    Paradox II
    Paradox III
    Paradox IV
    Paradox V
    Paradox VI
    Paradox VII
    Untitled Dialogue
    Bognor Regis Stripper
    Over World
    La Luna Y El Caballero
    A Guide to Amplitude Re-calibration Techniques Vol.1
    Ultrascope II
    Space Therapy
    The Last
    Big Amoeba Sound


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