Woob 2213 Teaser


Not forgotten..


  1. 93 would be Planet Woob / Deeper demo material… 94 is Void Part 1/2 & 1194. Whatever is in store, can’t wait. :)

  2. Are you trying to bankrupt me???

  3. Shouldn’t it be 1213 instead 2213?

  4. Right, I’ve got wrong idea about numbering system. Of course it’s clear right now, thanks :).

  5. A cassette release of Planet Woob/Deeper and Void… :)

  6. Back to using Roland Sound Space! You are making me so happy!

  7. For those of you who do not know what Roland Sound Space is:

    It was a 3D Spatial Sound Positioning technology “that permits control over the sense of direction, distance, ambience and movement of the sound within the three-dimensional sound field that surrounds the listener.”

    This is the technology that gave the original Em:t albums their “listen on headphones” angle since you would get amazing 3D sound that you wouldn’t fully get on your speakers.

    I really wish we were able to get our hands on the RSS units for the 2nd generation of Em:t albums but alas Square Centre Studios had sold the units a long time ago.

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