Woob – Substrate Aluminium

woob SA

Above: Those grooves actually play Paradox III – that’s no mock up! The extra hole is a drive hole in the label area, used for engaging a special pin that prevents the disc from slipping on the turntable during the recording process.


Having achieved a great tone earlier this year with a one off Vinyl cut and the saturated sounds of The Six Hundred I still felt there was more avenues to explore and after receiving various emails from frustrated listeners who missed out on that ‘Ultra Edition’ Vinyl a new series was born.

Substrate Aluminum (named after the core or substrate that is the foundation of the record) is the vinyl partner to ‘The 600’ but whilst those warm saturated sounds could be compared to the feeling of an old comfy sofa after a hard days work, Substrate Aluminum is like sound dipped in a vat of the most expensive, melted Swiss chocolate. It has a richness and warmth that is the perfect antidote to a world filled with speakers spewing out stinging insect like overcompressed treble and nothing else – a small victory in the battle against the Loudness War.

Early sales indicate SA Vol.2 may possibly even see the light of day but this series if it goes futher does not have to be restricted by Album releases and can draw upon any existing woob recording past and present. So what is your dream 2x Woob Track Acetate? – Let me know in the comments! LINK


  1. R. Daneel says:

    YES!!! Great timing.. I just got myself a new Rega turntable, this will be eargasmic

    • R. Daneel says:

      The Max & Harvey vinyl is in my top 10 favorite records to play, so I’d say bring on the wax (or aluminium in this case). Would love to have a Bognor Regis Stripper / La Luna Y El Caballero release, if I may say so

      • There’s already the clear vinyl of those two tracks the recordings of which come with the 600 download & wooden artifacts but it would be nice to do them again for comparison:) Maybe a Substrate Aluminium 10″ series!

  2. Substrate bought. Loving that you are putting out some more vinyl! This will sit nicely next to my Void Part 2 12″ and Journeyman vinyls.

    Some vinyl I would love to see are:

    “Void Part 1” backed with “Mould”
    “Fourteen Thirtythree” backed with “Later” or “Nylon” (or both hehe) on a 10″
    “Depart” or “Departure” backed with “85-bit”

    I’m sure there are more I’d like to see to but these are definitely at the top of my list.

    PS. Got all my Ultrascope packages now. Love it all and really digging the Time Paradox album.

    Thanks again Paul!

  3. Rob Portman says:

    Would love to hear “Stay Hidden – Adaption Part II” b/w “Welcome to the Midnight Arcade” ;)

  4. Rob Portman says:

    …not sure why I left a comment on such an old post – must be my age (please ignore me as I go and get my coat)


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