Woob hq

woobhqwoobhq.com  is the new Woob store home to an exclusive selection of Woob Artifacts, including the new vinyl series – ‘Substrate Aluminium’ + Clothing, Prints, Special Edition CD’s & more. All profits will go towards creating new Woob music so spread the word + help keep the Wuub flowing LINK

Below: Vector Series – Clothing and CD

t_2red2sml jvectorred2

greynecksmlMore about the new ‘Substrate Aluminium’ Series Here



  1. Paul, the grey shirt I got has the ship in complete black, is this one outlined in black?

  2. Yes, this is the ‘Vector’ Prototype. The shirt is different and there is a choice of 2 colours
    As seen in the picture. Also the text iand logo nside the neck is different.

  3. Here we go again!

  4. You’re seriously putting a dent in my bank balance… :-)

  5. Good news Good job

  6. Updated – added new ‘Prototype Vector’ images.

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