Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Shipping Forecast



ALL PRE-ORDERS + ORDERS (UP UNTIL 18.11) NOW SHIPPED Thanks to everyone who ordered !

Shipping has begun on Ultrascope pre-orders with the Monochrome artifact. CD’s/T-shirts to follow. just waiting for one final piece of the puzzle on those. Signed + Sealed editions will stay available until Monday 4th – so last chance if you want one. I’ll update this post every time I ship.

Remember to look out for you collectable card film-frame and unique Time Paradox download code sent in every package details here

23.10.13 Monochrome Artifact SSE – Most sent  / all UK sent First Class recorded

28.10.13 All Artifact SSE Sent – Most Regular Sent / All UK Artifacts Sent (1st Class Recorded)

29.10.13 All Artifacts Sent

31.10.13 Most UK ‘Suns Fall’ CD & SE + Half Europe/ Rest of World. (single basket orders only)

4.11.13 Original + Sequel Bundles all most Suns Fall SE CD up to 26.10 (singe basket orders only)

5.11.13 Original + Sequel / Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only)

6.11.13 Loads of Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only) + Some mixed baskets with Suns Fall and MC unsigned +

7.11.13 Monochrome Unsigned + Loads of original and Sequel bundles + mixed baskets

11.11.13 Monochrome Signed/Unsigned / Original + Sequel some mixed baskets Suns Fall etc

12.11.13 Signed + Sealed / Mixed baskets / Monochrome Signed

13.11.13 A few Prototype Editions! / Mixed inc S+S / Monochrome

14.11.13 Ultra Edition /Goody bags! / More Prototypes / MIxed baskets / S+S

18.11.13 All Prototype / Monochromes and S+S Now shipped! (UK Prototypes sent 1st class recorded)

19.11.13 ALL PRE-ORDERS NOW SHIPPED!!! + All orders up until 18.11

For those who ordered The Monochrome Artifact SSE for some reason the description didn’t list the additional items that are included over the regular artifact. As well as a signature on the plaque you are also getting a large ‘Suns Fall’ art sticker and reversible Monochrome/ S.Air designed Have Landed card previously only available as a photographic print with last years Ultimate edition. PIctures of Artifact and other bits below.




  1. R. Daneel says:

    can’t wait to march around in my woob t-shirt!!


  3. My Monochrome Artifact SSE arrived today. The replica ignition key is so cool looking, I really like it. Sitting here listening to Time Paradox and thinking about Prototype Edition arriving next! I’m certain that there are very few people out there that go to the lengths you do to provide such unique and tangible representations of the wonderful music you create. And for that I can’t thank you nearly enough for your efforts.



  6. Got mine last night, beautifully presented as always.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. mwrd2011 says:

    Hi Paul,
    Looking forward to the CD & Chrome Goodie Bag :) – Just want to check on shipping forecast as my postman isn’t the most reliable of chaps

  8. Updated x8

  9. I’ve received the monochrome edition. It’s a beautiful object !

    The Time Paradox version is a successful variation of Ultrascope.

    The additional track on the CD is very atmospheric and it’s perfect to end the musical journey.

    I’m very happy, good sound, good trip, good vibes…

    Regards !

  10. blackflag23 says:

    Received my monochrome CD today.
    I paid a few extra quid to get it signed and help future releases but unfortunately mine was unsigned.
    Not a problem though; it’s all about the music. And for that I am deeply appreciative.

    • I stealth sign in silver so it’s possible you missed it – should be in bottom right corner on front inner sleeve

      • blackflag23 says:

        Ha ha! My bad.
        I couldn’t see it myself, so I sent it off to the boys at the lab and they located it for me.
        Thanks Paul.

  11. UPDATEDX10

  12. Hi Paul!
    About the new release – ULTRASCOPE – I’ve heard right after I got back from my holidays in September. The news was such a happy suprise. I’ve preordered my hard copy, now it is in my hands. The atmosphere of the album got lot of space. Like swiming into depth. I think Ultrascope II is a culmination track. This piece of soundscape is some kind of quintessence of cosmic space WOOB, WOOB after the Unknown Quantity period. U II has the best moments of come back track (witch is my nomber one soundscape that takes me easily on board of some gloomy space expedition starship). One can hear some inspirations or maybe little different soundtheater “seconds experiments” themes (159, 261 and 443 seconds). U II is also giving to listener well known old WOOB emotions and feelings. It is like a core and the rest of the tracks are building the thema and preparing for this journey. Very absorbing album. It pushes your imagination. Thank you these emotions.

    Best from Poland,

  13. UPDATEDX11

  14. Got my CD today. 2 hours of music! :D

  15. Updatedx12

  16. Updatedx13 All Pre-orders now sent!!! – Enjoy your Paradox

  17. Colm Duff says:

    Just received my 2 CDs Paul. Superb work as usual. Mode Stasis is a gem and it reminds me of the final track on Em:t 1194 as it grew in to those deep engine (?) sounds and then on to the din of the Emperors. My only problem now is where to stick my stickers! ;-)

  18. The mysterious “paradox…” what can it mean?

  19. Dogglesnoffer says:

    Holy Crap!!!
    Shirt is sweet!
    Outdone yourself all around this time Paul.
    Cheers to you!

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