Woob – ULTRASCOPE : Time Paradox


Ahead of the imminent shipping forecast for physical editions of ULTRASCOPE I thought I better shed some light on the ‘Time Paradox’ Hidden DLC. It sounds like it may be a couple of extra bonus tracks but it is infact a fulll digital/bandcamp release: 52 minutes and 7 tracks long its an alternate timeline take on the main album. 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes. So when you open your CD package / T-shirt /Artifact take note of that small inconspicuous piece of copy paper with your unique Time Paradox code on  it – don’t throw it away by mistake!

For now the album is exclusive to those who purchased or purchase a physical edition or related ULTRASOPE product. However as the Paradox became bigger than originally intended Its possible a paid digital version may become available at a later date but not guaranteed.

Above the album artwork accidentally formed a face whilst it was created. Can you see it?


  1. A big smiley face in the stars :)
    Time Paradox sounds good, or should that be ‘reads good’ as I haven’t actually heard it yet, but then that reads weird as its not a book, aarrgh
    Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing more new woob!!

  2. This is indeed a welcomed bonus! The face that I see looks like a super creepy alien. :|

  3. It’s the type of images who leaves a big part of imagination.
    Each sees an emotion different there…
    I see an alien face there also, but he’s quiet, as in meditation or put to sleep.

  4. Exact :)

  5. I still don’t see it :)

  6. Stephen rodd says:

    Yes,I see the face very clearly (center right) very ghostly indeed!!! One of my artifacts has arrived :) smaller than I thought but extremely cool…….couldn’t get my download as the z key is not working on my laptop:( hope I get z-less code next time paul;)

  7. Seems I accidentally retagged and renamed the Mode Statis track, can you give me the exact tags and name it was given on the usb? Were the tags blank except for the track id 9_mode_statis and also this name 9_mode_statis?

  8. Please please please. Paid release, for those of us who no longer own CD players and couldn’t buy the physical release. :-)

  9. Ooops add me to the ‘There’s always one’ list. I must have shredded my hidden DLC code. Was it on an invoice type document?I can’t remember what was in the package apart from the CD, but have shredded alot of paper work the past few days. Completely forgot about it once the CD arrived. Fingers crossed for a stand alone release at sometime :)

    • It’s invoice paper but its small, contact me through woob.info if you can’t find it and I’ll hunt out a replacement code for you.


  1. […] Remember to look out for you collectable card film-frame and unique Time Paradox download code sent in every package details here […]

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