Woob Ultrascope – Launch Update, Comp results + Reveal Soundtrack Download

PROTOTYPE_NECKAbove: Prototype edition – the R is important in its description!

Last Friday the 13th a new Woob album ULTRASCOPE launched with a live event post. A massive thanks to everyone that got involved and although I managed to get the album out with just a minute to spare (literally) it did mean I missed out joining in on the comments as much as i would have liked. However I have now read through them all and picked three (from whilst the event was happening) of my faves to get the Woob Chrome Goody bag!

Will -“….Keith the Penguin”

Mward2011 –.”…post office”

Gerrit/Alice – “….Woob or Weekend” / “…I’m Stuck cause he’s stuck”

To receive your bag which contains various rare artcards, stickers  and a unique signed copy of Have Landed please contact me through woob.info with your posting details.

Over World – Like a giant sleeping pill


The event certainly got everyone geared up for the Limited Editions with all (bar one) of the Prototype Editions selling out in the first 30 minutes! This I will take as a positive sign as demand for more wearable items!:… if maybe just a tad less elaborate :)

The Monochrome Artifact also sold quickly with both versions gone in less than 48hours. Thanks to everyone who has shown support through purchasing Digital or Limited Editions it all helps the secure the future of more music. Talking of which I will have full details in the next week or so of the hidden DLC ‘Time Paradox’ think ‘BOGT’ as opposed to horse armour in quality and you will be on the right track. Also for those who enjoyed the ULTRASCOPE Reveal – soundtrack, there’s a link for the hidden a mp3 over at BIGAMOEBASOUNDS – No password necessary!


  1. R. Daneel says:

    Last Friday was an exciting release! Can’t wait to show off my Woob shirt, though I hope its the small kind of XXL.. I’m more built like M.

  2. Wow… thanks for the soundtrack! It’s a great blend of the album.

    Sorry to be off-topic, but are there any plans to re-release Woob2 4495 (or any of the songs on the album?) I really enjoyed hearing Pondlife and Till-stand.

  3. I may wash it in hot to get it to shrink depending on the length.

    STOKED none the less!!!

    • They are not preshrunk so the length will go shorter. They are also 30 wash not 40 so maybe try that first!:)

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