Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Out Today



Yes it’s today! – the date was actually on the invite!

I’m running a little behind schedule but it’s happening will post some reveal times a little later. Launch event post should begin proper around 6pm (UK time) bookmark this page and get those F5’s at the ready!


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order.  Time in GMT

5:55 Travelers are arriving in anticipation of the days event


6:00 Running a few minutes late

6:05 John Carpenter playing in the studio!


6:11 And we are off!

6:16 There are 9 Ultrascope Editions (including variations) coming later tonight for Pre – Order here’s a small taster:




6:21 Sending out first email batch for release and post link

6:23 searching for suitable background film…

6:27 Think I made a bad choice…. but its about the right timeframe:)


6:37 Some of you might get a kick out of this image:)


6:42 Monochrome Artifact reveal At 10pm!

6:45 I am  still a little behind schedule – need to get some photos of the Prototype Edition so give your refreshes a rest…. back in an hour…


7:45 Still doing photos ….won’t post anything too crucial until Monochrome reveal @ 10pm (GMT)

7:55 Another  taster…



8:40 Free Woob Chrome Goodybag for the top 3 most entertaining comments (text only) don’t worry it won’t be Ultrascope related so you can still grab an edition without fear.


8:41 Aaaagh need to change background film it’s looping!____


8:45 All Physical Orders come with a ‘Time paradox’ access code in package (full details after launch)


9:55 Album Info:

Woob – Ultrascope is the sequel to last years Have Landed and continues the time traveling extravaganza right where it left off. As the night draws in on the environment featured on the original CD custom cover a performance is broadcast to all.

but where Have Landed was a densely populated album – each track its own island, Ultrascope embraces the freeform and the unexpected with only the title track (Ultrascope) showing any real signs of formality of form. The rest of the album flows a delicate timestream into oblivion – shifting from one era to another and revisiting the early Woob live mix recording techniques of 1194

10:00 Monochrome Artifact…….error connection lost looks lke the f5’s crashed wordpress/ how?

10:05 Monochrome Artifact:


Two versions details to follow…


22:10 Limited to just 24 of Each edition

22:14 Monochrome Artifact SSE / Monochrome Artifact

22:16 SSE Version comes with signature plaque

22:20 Really lovely seamless design feels like a smooth chrome pebble its svelte!


22:29 Yikes running out of time… might have to shift to Pacific to give me more day!



22:34 Next update at 23:13 (ish)


23:15  limited edition CD ‘SUNS FALL’ Colour Gatefold – No repress!

23:17  Monochrome  CD with signed option


11:20 Not sure why I had switched to 24hour!

11:21 PROTOTYPE EDITION details incoming….

11:26 CD’s Include BONUS TRACK not available on Download

11:36 gimmie 5:)

23:45 Prototype Edition:


Organic T-shirt 15 Only – Comes in sealed eco box with Archival Edition Monochrome CD and large black ship logo on front.  + Collectable TAG Trilogy and more….

11:51 Album goes live at 1 minute to midnight immediate digital download included with all Physical pre-orders…. but wait….. that’s not it……

11:53 Time for one last thing….


ultraOne only!

11:59 And we are live!

Thanks Everyone it was a blast!


  1. F5 at the ready

  2. Trystan Forbes says:

    What’s an F5?

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Oh jeez on 3g atm

  4. I’m booking a seat on that car…

  5. OkamiShiro says:

    Very excited!

  6. My fingers are twitching in anticipation!

  7. Arrrrgh got to get to the post office before 6.30pm :(

  8. Oooooooh! gimme gimme

  9. Lol. I’m going to be bangin’ F5 all afternoon!

  10. Ultrascope out today? I’m hitting f5 on the Bandcamp page too :)
    Fresh Woob. Fantastic.

  11. Time appears to be moving very slowly

  12. how limited will the most limited be this time?

  13. Please reserve it for me ;-)

  14. OK, so there will be a monochrome edition and a metallic keycard. Which leaves us with 7 other editions. A technicolor edition seems inevitable, and a wooden keycard would not be a surprise. What else is possible? Transparent vinyl? A fluffy toy with 10 optional limbs and assorted antennae? Or the very limited engraved ipad mini…. oh yes, I want one of those!

  15. metallic keycard?

  16. OK, so there won’t be a metallic keycard, but you didn’t question the fluffy toy!

  17. This is a background for the new IOS7, so a new iPhone is possible lol

  18. I think we will buy it anuway without seeing it Paul


    I’m thinkin’

    I’m still thinkin’

  20. I love the smell of infinity in the morning!

  21. There is the theory of the Möbius — a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop…..time becomes a loop…..time becomes a loop………..

  22. Ahh, the Time Tunnel, now we’re talking

  23. Gotta get that Moog Moog Moog…

  24. Keep calm and Woob ’til dawn.

  25. So many versions…. Nothing I like better on a Friday night than a bunch of Woobs in my face. ;)

  26. There’s only one way to WOOB

  27. Better still: Gotta get that Woob Woob Woob

  28. They see me rollin’, they Woobin’.

  29. Woob’s new “Snow Logo Stick”, perfect for removing those strange stains from your leather pants.

  30. Do you accept your existence on the planet with a certain peace of mind? Have you eliminated any interruptions or distractions?

    (Do you think we’ll ever find any real intelligent life out there?)

  31. -. — / … – .-. . . – –..– / -. — / …. — ..- … . –..– / -. — / –. .- .-. -.. . -. –..– / -. — / -… . .- -.-. …. –..– / -. — / — — ..- -. – .- .. -. .-.-.-

  32. Don’t give me any of that intelligent life crap, just give me something I can blow up

  33. Sadly, it’s not all good news today; this seems like as good a time as any to break the news of the demise of Keith, the second penguin from the left on the cover of “1194”, who died of a herring overdose last week.

  34. Dammit! I’m in trouble with my girlfriend. She’s jealous that I have been bangin’ F5 all day.

  35. I need ya, Deck. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic.

  36. Wow, got to the post office (just), made train home (just), cooked dinner (take away), got baby to sleep, back here to discover that… I haven’t missed much apart from some great comments about snow sticks, interesting!

  37. Mike Mullen says:

    I’m guessing the edition limited to 1 copy will be a teleporter edition, with a real, working teleportation device. Unfortunately, it will come with a disclaimer stating that teleportation is limited to the planets Gideon, Sangre, Mongo, Tralfamadore, Gor, and Yuggoth and that Earth teleportation is restricted.

  38. Will all details about the releases be given before they start to be released? Wondering if I will be able to know ahead of time which I am shooting for…

  39. The trailer mentions a wearable prototype edition. I’m hoping this is something cool like superman pants, but it’s probably a dumb space suit with a heads up display and built in death ray

  40. Oh no! I think I helped crash wordpress! Must control the excitement.

  41. WHEN

  42. Mu Mu

  43. Oh man, really need to sleep

  44. Stephen rodd says:

    It’s well gone 10 paul…… Hope you hav’nt nodded off ;)

  45. unbearable suspense :)

  46. Stephen rodd says:

    Nice comeback!…….they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  47. He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the monochrome artifact in the Castle of Aaauuuggghhh…

  48. woob or weekend, woob or weekend, woob or weekend…. it’s 5:30 here and I’m the last in the office… pleeease someone stop the torture! :)

  49. Pacific shift works for me! Lol. I’m worried it’s all going to go down when I’m picking up the kid in 27 min. Would hate to miss my chance.Should have kept him home from school today for this..Hehe.

  50. Anybody else in need of another cup of java

  51. Yes….Woob is more important than school.

  52. Have I got time to make a sandwich?

  53. Is it a coincidence that Voyager 1 just left the solar system? Just wondering.

  54. I’m patiently waiting for news on the limited balsa wood version :)

  55. 5 :)

  56. No worries mate. I bet you’re knackered!

  57. i want a Woob vinyl!

  58. Mine! I saw it first!

  59. I for one is very interested in “Organic T-shit”… never wore any of that before!

  60. Large white umbrella sporting the black ship logo with the next release please ;-)

  61. And there we have it, great looking items, a nice job and a cool end to a different Friday the 13th – Looking forward to hearing Ultrascope now :)

  62. ULTRASCOPE, Prototype Edition, XL, $70.00

    ULTRASCOPE, Monochrome Artifact SSE, $60.00

    ULTRASCOPE, Suns Fall SE, $16.00

    Did I miss something?

  63. If anyone gets an album notification email from bandcamp let me know

  64. Paul, does the package ship from the UK? I’m asking because of customs.

  65. Got a thank you from Bandcamp

  66. Congrats to whoever managed to fetch the ultra edition! Looking forward to giving a new home to these beautiful and amazing artifacts. This was no doubt the most exciting launch of the year! :)

  67. Happy that I got a prototype edition but that’s just a bonus for this incredible music. Listening now… it’s as good as we dared hope for. Thanks Paul.

  68. Mike Mullen says:

    What was the price of the Ultra? It was already sold out by the time I refreshed :[ What a nice item to own.

  69. I’m going to bed now, tired but happy. Cheers for new album!

  70. Congrats to who ever snagged the Ultra Edition. I’m gutted. I would have loved to add that vinyl to my collection alongside Void. I stocked up on 3 editions though, so I think I’m sorted.

    Monochrome Artifact
    Signed & Sealed Collectors Edition

    Think that covers all my bases.

  71. Oh and thanks again for the great work! You had me glued to the site all day hehe.

  72. 2010 film finished just as I hit the live button with that iconic music playing….. perfect timing…. except… i never got a chance to change the disc so it was the 4th run through tonight:-0

  73. So good… thanks so much!

    Horizon Vector/s — truly mesmerizing, hypnotic and beautiful. Hard to describe, but amazing.

    Ultrascope — Great pinging synths, buzzing, booming, zooming, flying, hurtling… great, ominous rhythms, pounding drums, yet somehow delicate and fragile with the vocal snippet… wow. Just wow. (Final synths sound a lot like Pete Namlook’s From Within.)

    Over World — Faint hisses, deep, gentle and eerie synth ocean with ripples and eddies of distortion, very soothing and cosmic.

    Best music I’ve heard in ages… thanks for your great work.

    BTW, who did the vocals on “Ultrascope?”

  74. Sorry, probably shouldn’t have written a whole review, I’ll leave that for when I hear the rest.

  75. I got receipts fro bandcamp as well.

  76. R. Daneel says:

    Great listen Mr. Frankland, definitely will recommend this to my fellow spacers & earthmen. Currently orbiting Aurora :)

  77. VOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Mike Mullen says:

    Very excited about the Prototype edition. Is this the first time a run of Woob tshirts have been printed? Unfortunately, I’m at work and haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I am counting down the hours until I can!

  79. Love the new release Paul, great depth and production, I did like ‘Have Landed’ but to me it didn’t really feel like a proper woob release, whereas ‘Ultrascope’ does just that and feels more like an extension to ‘Repurpose’.
    One quick question, I remember after ‘Paradigm Flux’ came out you mentioned somewhere that the track ‘Origins’ was over 40 mins long and being edited down to fit on the new woob album? I think ‘Origins – Prelude’ is one of your best tracks and was really looking forward to hearing a fuller longer version on ‘Ultrascope’, but alas it’s not here?

  80. An album like deserving most right-hand pages of the literature Sci-Fi, between Blade Runner and Dune, between old black thriller and quest of identity in front of infinity, the journey in the time, filled with souvenirs and with new visions, to contemplate the space in formation, a powerful expanding galactic flow, a crystal clear black hole, one excitement of stars…

  81. HMMM… I keep checking the old “Tokyo Run Mainframe” secret website to try to find anything else in the numbers. Do any secrets lie undiscovered…


  1. […] Friday the 13th a new Woob album ULTRASCOPE launched with a live event post. A massive thanks to everyone that got involved and although I managed to get the album out with […]

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