Woob – The Six Hundred


Above : Don’t worry it won’t be 600 months until all new Woob material arrives!

The Six Hundred takes 4 tracks from the Have Landed album and re-masters them onto a 50 year (600 month) old reel to reel tape. Expect drop outs, wow, flutter, hiss, high end loss, channel dips and all the idiosyncrasy of tape magnified x10 but these issues which were once actively avoided when tape was still used have been embraced and combined with all the benefits of tape warmth, fullness etc these tracks sound very different and somewhat unpredictable. Only ‘Spine’ keeps the exact same arrangement plus there’s a very special string only version of Thieves.

However although the cover suggests otherwise ‘The Six Hundred’ is only half the story as this release is about revisiting tracks in the analog domain so the 10” Clear Vinyl 24-bit masters are also included. Previously only available to those lucky enough to get hold of a Wooden Artifact* the 10” was a one off clear vinyl that included specially re-mastered versions of ‘La Luna’ and ‘Bognor Regis Stripper’. Plus as an added bonus a track from the vinyl collection has also been included.

Check out how it sounds for yourself with the Spine Preview-

This download is also available as a bundle with the new Have Landed Technicolor CD (re-press). So if you don’t already own it or already have the digital you can save $ and also get the theatrical ending not included on the digital release. LINK

*If you were lucky enough to grab an artifact when they were available you are eligble for an Artifact discount. Contact me through woob.info for code.


  1. season9 says:

    Link was broken for the 600+CD bundle as it was hidden…. now takes you there.

  2. I’m working and which surprise, of the new, WOOB.
    You are very prolific and I’m delighted at it. Thank you !

    I learnt my cat to dance on Paradigm Flux ( Tokyo Cut ).
    Since he reads mangas…

  3. Great news Paul! Just wondering. For those of us that managed to get our hands on the wooden artifact etc….is there a solo release of The 600 on it’s own in the works?


    • season9 says:

      Doh! knew I had forgotton something. Artifact owners are eligble for a discount! I will update post (email me through woob.info for code.)

  4. Anthony says:

    Whoo hoo!

  5. Bande magnétique… professionnelle! (OK I’ll buy it anyway)

  6. Beautiful musical versions, a real pleasure to appreciate the variations subtly scattered in every track. Thieves is very romantic. Regards !


  1. […] original edited form and album edit form – The 400 Reel Mix of ‘Swarm’ (like The 600 but less dirty) – An 19 minute Extreme Ambient Disaster Mix of What We Came Here For. . Plus […]

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