Woob – Have Landed CD Re-press


After selling out (mostly on pre-order) earlier this year its time for a reprint of the Technicolor CD. However this time we are mixing it up and replacing the custom cover stickers with the Monochrome logo sticker set. Available immediately all orders now come with a Random mini Woob card film frame of which there are 7 variations in this first series. There’s also a chance to get the CD as part of the new digital release ‘The Six Hundreddetails in this post.

So if you always wanted to hear the orignal theatrical ending to the Have Landed album now is your chance! Link


Above: Film-frames double up as handy mini book marks.


  1. season9 says:

    Now also available from the Emporium…. woof! http://maxandharvey-music-emporium.co.uk/album/have-landed

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